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Managing change at St Helena, Part 1
May 19th 2012:  Mr Andrew Gurr, Governor of St Helena (2007-2011) - this talk was introduced by our Chairman Pamela Ward Pearce.  In a humorous talk he described how many of the island's constitutional and legal problems ended up on his desk for resolution. The problems posed in the governance of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha were unique, each being very different from the other. A high proportion of his staff were female and he praised their strength and ability. St Helena's isolation necessitated a weekly online link-up with London, which he found very useful. He acknowledged that the quality of advice given by consultants was variable and also highlighted the problems arising from the views of a single consultant rather a group of experts. 
35 mins 01/06/2012
Managing change at St Helena, Part 2
From his experience of building roads across boggy land on the Falklands, he knew that local knowledge was sometimes superior to imported consultants.  On the other hand, there was a need to bring consultants in to help where the local population did not have the expertise, a fact that could lead to misunderstandings when Saints simply did not know what they did not know. A lively Q&A session followed covering diverse subjects such as consultants, communications and the expansion of broadband via the Africa/South America cable, air access via Ascension and the proposed Shelco development
36 mins 01/06/2012
Volcanic Features of St Helena
October 29, 2011: Dr Ian Baker - This talk is introduced by Ian Mathieson. Ian Baker has recently published The Saint Helena Volcanoes: A Guide to the Geology For Visitors and Walkers. He talked about his book and his connection with the island spanning over 40 years. Three main subjects were covered in the talk: first, the landslide which removed a three square mile area of St Helena's first volcano; second, the grey cliffs and crags crossing Sandy Bay that display the extent of the final huge magma chamber a mile or so below; third, a dozen or so curved small-scale structures that only occur on St Helena.
49 mins 17/11/2011
The Flora of St Helena
October 29, 2011: Dr Phil Lambdon - This talk encompassed both St Helena's endemic and more recently imported plants.  This included a description of several dangerously invasive species, a description of recently rediscovered endemic species and a graphic account of the difficulties in saving the most endangered plants from extinction.  This also included a 10-minute Q&A at the end of the talk chaired by Ian Mathieson
53 mins 09/11/2011
St Helena: 1792 - 1840, the latter days of slavery
May 21, 2011: Colin Fox - Origin of St Helena's slaves and their emancipation.  This was a path strewn with difficulties for both slaves and their owners. The presentation includes an analysis of their origin, skills and numbers/value by age.
33 mins 08/11/2011