Friends of St Helena - Welcome

Friends of St Helena
was founded in March 1988 with two aims:

To disseminate information about St Helena, including its history, culture, environment and current affairs; and to provide practical support to the St Helenian community.

Information about St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha is provided through this website, magazines and talks at our meetings.   We have supported many projects including a charity for the physically disabled, the development of the St Helena Museum and the High Knoll Restoration appeal.

Come and join Friends of St Helena, a registered charity (
Registered Charity No 1000321) - its members have a keen interest and love for St Helena and its people.   Membership is open to individuals and groups of any nationality. 

Meetings:  We hold two meetings each year, usually in early June (our AGM) and in the Autumn.   At meetings, individuals closely involved with St Helena give presentations.   Recent ones have included the rescue of historic documents at the Jamestown Post Office and, in 2014, we met at The Slave Museum, Liverpool, where we viewed slave remains.   We next meet for our Autumn meeting on 24th October, 2015,  at the Victory Services Club, Seymour Street, London.   There will be a Napoleonic Theme to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's journey to, and arrival on, St Helena.

Publications: We also regularly send members two free magazines. The St Helena Connection is a full-colour magazine published twice a year with news from the islands, the Society and diverse articles on people, history and ecology.   In addition, we also publish Wirebird each year, usually having longer articles with a historical theme. 

Web Site:
 Our web site has numerous features including a members-only section.   Members can access magazine back numbers and also find information about St Helena's history and genealogy.   Our St Helena News Page is updated on an almost daily basis. 

Please note that our old web site address fosh·org·uk was allowed to lapse and is now being used by another organisation with content that quotes our name and publications. Actions are being taken to stop this.